About Us

After working together for more than 10 years at another production company, director Sven Super (yes, his real name) and producer Arjan Oosterveer (Easterfeather for the non Dutch), decided it was time to start on their own.

Together with Beer Ravenhorst (also his real name plus understandable for the non Dutch) as post producer, we are a boutique production house that makes story driven video content, mostly with a pinch of comedy. And we are super flexible, so we can also work with other directors on a freelance basis.

Our promise is that we can find a good and fitting director for any script and basically any budget.

If a story is good, it deserves to be told.

Also, we like to work together with our clients instead of just for them. And have some fun in the process as well.

If you want to know more, feel free to give us a call. No matter what project you have, let’s talk over a cup of coffee.

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About us



Arjan Oosterveer

About us



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